WoW Site Spotlight: Warcraft Over Achiever!

So we all love to be achievement whores, whether we’re willing to admit it or not. Lets face it: if there’s a number, and it can go higher, we stop at nothing to raise it.

That’s why this site, Warcraft Over Achiever, is freaking awesome.

What it does is tally your current progress and based on some miraculous algorithm, decides how close you are to finishing some achievements.

Plug in your toon / server on the left. Let it load, and then click the “Suggested” tab on top. The site will list them in order of the stuff you’re closest to getting, helping you finish up what you’re almost done with first.

It’s pretty savvy and worth a look for everyone, achievement whores or not. There’s a good chance you’d be surprised at how close you are to getting some finished!

It also includes guides and a forum, and a general achievement overview.
There is one thing about it that sucks, though: Explorer usually dominates the suggestion page. If you already have explorer,  or manage to finish it up, this site works like a charm!

Check it out!

Since we’re on the discussion of obsessiveness, three other sites achievement whores might also enjoy: Warcraft Mounts, Warcraft Pets, and WoW-Tabbards.

The point of these simple single-serving sites is to keep tabs on your mount/pet/tabbard collections. What use they have in the scheme of things other than “showing off”, I’ve no clue, but it’s fun and I guess you can get an idea of what you’re missing.

Achievement Goals

• 4 pets for 50
• 213 ilevel Ranged for epic
• 7 azerothian foods
• 10 quests for 2000!!
• 19 Vehicle Destructions via Turret!

  • Jess >:|

    great add on for people into collecting mounts and pets is called “the collector.”

    Shows every mount, pet and title you need and where you can acquire them.

    • woah, that’s pretty badass. I’ll add that to the post. Thanks :D!

  • Pity

    Can I has tall-bucks?