WoW Quiz says Horde Shaman. Go figure?

What is your World of Warcraft Faction? Quiz
While both the Orcs and Forsaken were created as slaves to the Burning Legion, the Horde now rises to become their greatest enemy.

I’d like to point out that I originally got the Burning Legion. Despite choosing relatively neutral answers minus a few POSITIVE ones (IE honor? following moral codes? what?) the only thing that changed it to horde was choosing “I like temperate weather” as opposed to my original answer which was “hot”.


Which World of Warcraft Class Are You? Quiz
Your easygoing personality reflects nature. But similar to nature, you are unpredictable and dangerous.

I actually did not rig these answers.


  • … I got Horde Mage… I shit you not.

  • Orcs and forsaken weren't created by the burning legion..

  • Haha, Xero. Not surprised.@Anonymous yeah whoever made these was a moron.

  • hmm.. the lazy ass may be referring to the fact that it was the burning legion that corrupted the formerly shamanistic Orc's into a blood hungry horde. As well as the creation of the Scourge, which would eventually birth the offshoot the Forsaken.But more than likely not.

  • I highly doubt they put that much thought into it.It's nice to consider, though.