WoW Mod Spotlight: Altoholic

Hi. My name is Izzie…and I’m an Altoholic.

This add-on was tipped off by good friend and fellow alt-leveling fiend Xero. We both have four 80’s and countless other alts ranging from 4 to 64, each one with professions and likely doubly used as a mule of some sort. On top of that, I have 2 guild banks used as extra storage.

Once you get to the 3+ range of alts and guild bank storage, things start getting messy as far as organization. I was pretty convinced I would -never- be able to keep track of everything, although with much effort I managed to get things sorted somewhat. Still, though, it was usually a mess and trying to figure out who has how many of what item is just a daunting situation that left my bags ignored for months.

If only I had known about Altoholic ages ago!

What the mod does is keep solid track of everything you can possibly think of. Gold, gear, professions, experience, rep, achievements, and yes, entire inventories are available for you via their Auction-House-like interface no matter what character you’re on (assuming the mod is enabled!). It gives you warning and announcments on events and cooldowns: for instance, while farming strat on my pally the mod told me my alchemy cooldown for my shaman was up in five minutes.

Set up is easy: install from curse and take a few minutes to log on to each character you want to keep track of. Disable the mod for toons you want to ignore. Make sure to open up the UI for everything you want registered: your bags, bank, guild bank (if it’s storage or you want to keep track of the items in there), and professions. Rinse and repeat, and it will store all the data for you.

Once you’ve done that, you’re pretty much good to go. The add-on has an icon on the compass and tons of sorting and searching options.

Here’s a quick look at major features:

The opening UI offers an account  overview, showing how much gold is on which characters, how far into their level they are, and how much rest XP they have gathered. The top options allow you to choose how broadly you want your info: it can be one server, one faction or cover every toon you own across all servers and factions, so long as you have them archived with the mod. The tabs on the bottom delve into more specific areas and shows just how much you can do. The character tab lets you view information on a specific toon that’s not the one you’re already using. Search is an AH-style UI that lets you look up any item and find it if one of your guys has it. Guild Bank, pretty self-explainitory, and the Achievement tab lets you compare progress. On the side, the skills tab shows you professions, levels, and recipes on whoever you choose. Guild Skills allows you to see guildie’s professions if they have also used the mod (They sync!). Calendar lets you see events from whichever toon you’re using, so you can double check your main’s raid times. It’ll also send an announcment for calendar events on other characters.

The search box lets you look up any item and see if you have it and on whom. Here I looked up armor > all and chose rarity > artifact, and it gives me an overview of all my heirloom items and where they are (very handy as I switch them around – a lot- depending on who I’m leveling.

With the mod installed, information is added to my tooltips. Here I look up a cooking recipe on the AH and it shows me who has cooking, their levels, and who can learn it. If one of my characters already has it, or if their skill level is too low, it’ll let me know. This works for all professions, too. Hovering over any item, such as cloth, will give me an overview on how much I have accross my account, on which characters or in which guild banks, where they have it (bags or bank) and the total available accross the entire account.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg, too. I highly recommend this to anybody who uses a lot of characters, whether they are alts or storage. Give it a go!

Download from curse.

  • John Carbonara

    I am trying to use the add on now. I have 3 accounts under 1 battle net account if i could get it to work it would be very helpful. I seem to have misplaced some of my heirlooms. I would like to view some of my alts on 2nd account when I am logged on to my wow1. Can this be done and if so How? You can email me or post thanks Jel.