WoW Cataclysm : Poetic Irony

Alright, next on the list of stuff to muse about: WoW Cataclysm, appropriately named since it seems as though Blizz is imploding its own game.

This past weekend found the Internet overloaded with information, screenshots, theory crafting, and a whole lotta “WTF” over the expansion. It seems very hit or miss on how the community is taking it thus far, but one thing can be agreed upon by all: The changes planned for the game come 4.0 are going to be, shall I say it… cataclysmic.

The old world of vanilla WoW is going to be literally torn apart, with the re-emergence of Deathwing causing major seismic shifting and explosions, rearranging the terrain of Azeroth permanently. What this means is even new players or alts will experience this “new” world, with places such as the barrens being split in two, old world dungeons SFK and Deadmines being re-worked as end-game dungeons, among other major changes.
[Why does “angry dragon emergence breaking the world” seem so familiar? Oh, riiiiiiight.]

Itemization is being completely raped overhauled, with all secondary stats like spell power, attack power, defense rating, and mp5 getitng tossed out into the twisting nether. How exactly this is supposed to work, I have no idea. It would seem there’d be no more true difference in gear for hybrid classes anymore, which may or may not be a good thing.

The two factions are getting new races: Horde being stuck with Goblins with the undeserving Alliance getting Worgen.

As if the Horde needs another self-serving, OCD race among it’s ranks. The fun part is, as a racial, these little buggers start out with the best faction discounts possible. Yay!

What else is in the plans for WoW:Cata?

-Rated battlegrounds allow for Arena-level epics seems like a good time; AFKing gear has never been more fun.
-Major overhaul of the Warlock class (again) makes soul shards less annoying but more central to the class.
-Guild Leveling helps take care of dirty ninjas, as well as promote “brotherhood and heroism” amongst guilds.
-Flying mounts in Azeroth means more fun for leveling alts/newbies on PvP realms.
-Places like the Barrens and Desolace will be lush with vegetation, leading to mass confusion amongst newer generations.
-Undercity and Orgrimmar will get revamps, making the crypt-like home of the Undead much more welcoming to Alliance raiders visitors.
-Old school 5mans Deadmines and SFK get high level heroic modes. INC trade chat whining while wiping on VanCleef.

I have a comprehensive list of all the currently released information, but it’s friggin huge so I backdated it.
You can find that shiz here.
Preview of the Zone Changes and new areas