Well herro thar.

Not much to say. I’ve all but quit playing wow (I really don’t have the time/energy to put into it.)
As a substitute, I’ve been picking up on Guild Wars again. There’s been some rumors that we might see a Q4 release of GW2, so I’m trying to get some extra achievements done on my main character (Ranger) to put into my hall.

It’s been pretty fun. Good thing about GW is the ability to literally do my work while waiting to enter PvP, and generally being able to stand there and spam heals while working. XD

Been selling a lot of old crap I didn’t need, made a good amount of cash. Mostly saving for a prestige set for a warrior I just rolled, literally just FOR the armor:

It’s a long way off, though. Very expensive materials and my warrior has to advance that far into the game…

Anyway, in celebration of what will most likely be my main MMO, I also copied over a good 3 years worth of GW faggotry (I wrote / spoke like a moron then. Probably still do).

Other than that, some more screens to share:

Instead of toliets, wow alcoholics hug totems.

Right after the VERY buggy 3.0 release, I logged out on my lock and onto my rogue, only to find my lock never quite left. The only time my two characters will likey be in the same place at the same time.

Me being generally stupid.

Isengaard and myself doing our signature pose.

During one of Andorhal’s many post 3.0 crashes, I got about 75 people to re-roll level 1 gnomes on Burning Legion to terrorize the server.
We got a guild and everything!
Then we ran to org, a bunch of people re-rolled level 1 trolls and orcs, and a lot of severe lowbie PvP ensued.
A video of this will be posted EVENTUALLY.

Lots more screens yet to be resized and uploaded, coming at some point in time.