UltraViolet Movie locker aims to let you own movies for eternity, and beyond.

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Yesterday it was announced that there’s this interesting new concept of media ownership called Ultraviolet Movie Locker.

The skivvy is that any time you purchase a movie in any form (VHS, DVD, Blue-Ray, Itunes, etc.) you also purchase a sort of “Ownership Token” on that title, essentially indicating that you legally own it and thus can freely snag another copy of it in whatever form the future brings.

This aims to preserve collections through our constantly changing digital world. It’s not too unlike the idea that, so long as you previously purchased an album one way or another, it’s not illegal for you to go and and bit-torrent the MP3’s.

Whether this supports grandfather ownership remains to be seen, though.

For instance, I own the original Pokémon movie on VHS. If I register this with UV and get my theoretical ownership token, does that mean I could technically demand Itunes give me the digital copy for free since I already own it? Cause that would be -sweet-.

The project aims to preserve playlists too. It’s backed by big names such as Microsoft, Warner Bros., Sony, even Adobe.

This seems like a pretty epic system! But there’s also room for abuse (as with anything) and Apple’s notorious forced Apple-Only formats may have issues with the ordeal.

The whole shebang is set for testing soon.


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