Tools of the Artist Part 01: The Canvas

I’m a hoarder. A hoarder of art supplies.

I’m sure you’ve heard all those rumors about how crazy artists tend to be.  Well, it’s pretty true. We each have oddities that make us who we are. Call it a different perspective.

We all share a few traits, too, and compulsive hoarding of art supplies is one common habit you’ll find. You see, artists revere their tools as an extension of themselves. If you think of art feudal wars in ancient Japan, and artists as hulking samurai following the code of bushido, than the tools and mediums we use are akin to our katana. That came out way more poetic than I meant it to be, but it’s fairly accurate.

Anyway, putting it that way, you might see why we pretty much never, ever throw out our art supplies. I still have bottles of india ink that I stole from my high school art class, afterall. Dried up and everything, and I can’t seem to throw them away. It’s like blasphemy.

Anyway, today I pooled together my sketchbooks, specialized papers, reference books, and cavases to show the world, and to remind myself next time I get the urge to buy a new one.

If you hear me mention it ever… STOP ME.

Exibit 1) Sketchbooks & Specialized Paper

This is probably the worst of it. In all, I have 11 sketchbooks in the first 2 columns. Eight of those are pairs. The last 4 columns are all specialized paper. I’m in love with the grey graph paper with white lines (newest additions). Green notebooks were given to me in highschool and so they have about six years of random doodles. The progression from terrible to not so terrible is fun to see in one notebook. Not sure where the cat one came from, though.

Exibit 1a) Pairs

I don’t even know what this is all about, but if there’s a baby version, apparently I must have it.

Exibit B) Instruction books

These are my top 9 instruction books. First column is an amazing collection of reference photos!! I swear by those for dynamic images. The second column is basic drawing instruction. Fashion helps me with poses and clothing. Drawing helps me with basic anatomy, and the anatomy is another good source for poses. Last column: Artist’s handbook is an overall reference for different media and technique. Virtual pose has alot of naked people, and style school is a Japanese (backwards!) book on color technique!

Exibit C) Canvas

Once upon a time I used to paint, a lot. And I bought a whole bunch of new acrylics and canvas during a phase. That was about a year ago, and I have 2 finished paintings and about 15 half finished ones XD.
Way back in the days of  yore (my freshman year of college) we had to make our on canvases. Which mean, buying a roll of canvas, getting the wood, frakking STAPLING that shit together, AND PAINTING THE GESSO ON DX!!!

Next time I think I’ll go through my supply box (markerssss!!!!) and get some lulz out of how much of those I own, as well.

  • Get back into painting! It’s so relaxing.

  • Heh, the bookcase by my desk is filled with similar stuff, but I have more art history books and lots of cheap notebooks with kittens on their covers. XD