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Mage-craft and my initial thoughts.

I’m in yer base, Izzie, nom’ing on your post counts… and making comments on the Mage Preview posted recently. Original info can be found here, and for simplicity sake, I’m going to follow the same format used by Izzie.http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=24262357286&sid=1 Flame Orb (81): ++ Another button that a fire mage will […]

More Class Preview Babble.

In light of all this Cataclysm class info, there’s been a lot of talk about. Xero’s chiming in with his mage response tomorrow, and I’m going to try to coerce Lizzie to do a write up on Priests. I might also do a Lock/Rogue post since I’ve played both classes […]

Shaman Changes, Thoughts…

For the sake of room, I’m leaving out descriptions. They can be found easily here:http://www.mmo-champion.com/news-2/cataclysm-class-preview-shaman/ My thoughts, (Resto Bias) Primal Strike (available at level 3):–Kudos, Melee shaman have been needing a boost to make leveling Enhance worthwhile. A simple but powerful change. Healing Wave (level 4): –Although this is starting […]

Pre-thoughts on Patch 3.3.3

As always, I’m behind, but I finally got around to reading the PTR notes (and planning on testing out this new BG system hopefully before it goes live.) It undeniably has a big feel of being the first big step towards setting WoW up for the next expansion. Now, many […]