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Adventures in andorlawl continue

My other chars! Need some loves! Shanikwa is my favorite, she’s a MONSTER BOHAHAHAHAHA Raid on IF a few days ago. Sadly we got found out and they were waiting for us. Still killed gnome king, though. After i left, there were a few back and forth raids on TB […]

Lazy day is lazy.

I managed to get nothing productive done today. I hate this project I’m doing. It’s not done and due tomorrow. I imagine it will be a shit project. Blah. Then i’ve got a flash-based website to due for friday. :< do not want. I’m back at my apartment (thank god), […]

Insomnia FTL

Ugh. I can’t sleep. It’s almost 4 am and I’m like. Totally not able to sleep, despite the fact that I got like 5 hours of sleep. 2nd class got pretty much canceled. Just gotta get my paper done for next week, midterm coming up, and a huge project due […]

1.5 Years Of Wow in Screens

Well. Then. It’s not that I’ve been lazy! (Yes, it has). I’ve been playing wow a lot, again, and I have my first 70. Can’t remember exactly when I dinged, but it was mid Dec. SO I’ll probably be shifting gears to wow-oriented things for the time being, til my […]

Screens. And Jera

Talk about ADD. Me and this Rit were quite taken by the cat, much to the dismay of the rest of our party. I rarely talk about my ranger << which is sad since she was my first char PVE char @_@. Drea! For a while her and my monk […]