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Screen Post

Other than messing around on 3.2 PTR, there’s not much of note to update, so I thought I’d go and post some random screenshots of me causing more trouble on WoW and Guildwars.Next post will have some 3.2 stuff or videos. Belf with a Beard?? Chicks are Hot… My shaman […]

Fun with WoW

Despite my determination to stop playing, with about a month left of paid time (and whatever blizz may offer in regards to our server’s 4 crash per day streak of late), I decided to make the best of it and have some fun.There’s been a whole lotta running around like […]

Well herro thar.

Not much to say. I’ve all but quit playing wow (I really don’t have the time/energy to put into it.) As a substitute, I’ve been picking up on Guild Wars again. There’s been some rumors that we might see a Q4 release of GW2, so I’m trying to get some […]

Izari LEVEL 70 Party

So I got my lock to 70 tonight, and did what all good server socialites do when they ding. THROW A PARTTTTYYYYYYYBooze, flares, nudity, jumping off floating islands, and world PvP with my best IRL/In Game friends made for fucking good times!Got some nice shots, under the cut. Before that […]

It’s Been Forever

ITS BEEN FOREVER.Lesse.I took a month off wow due to being poor.Got back, guild was going nowhere so I left and took some time to myself.After a few weeks i got the itch to raid so I applied to this crazy group of people called Insanity.Someone in IRC had told […]

Late night STV lolercakes.

So I’m leveling my lock, Izari, in STV and notice i’m getting ganked more hardcore than usual, and by 70’s. And then this happened: Between arguing with the kid, I noticed that Retzilla was around. And being the IRC/Forum troll I am, I wound up getting in contact with Ret […]