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Screen Post

Other than messing around on 3.2 PTR, there’s not much of note to update, so I thought I’d go and post some random screenshots of me causing more trouble on WoW and Guildwars.Next post will have some 3.2 stuff or videos. Belf with a Beard?? Chicks are Hot… My shaman […]

GW Extravaganza

I’ve probably mentioned how terribly abusive I am in guild wars, but I thought I should probably post some more proof anyway. We’ll start with the hilarity of people being able to cross to whatever international server they want:What amuses me is the fact that I understood exactly what this […]

Causing Trouble in Guildwars

Something about Guild Wars just brings out the evil in me. Either way, while listening to some random person (Ashes of Nature) in PvP (Kurzick vs Luxon)rage about the “imbalance” of PvP, I (Drea Velaso) chimed in to fan the fire. It was fun until I realized he was one […]

Well herro thar.

Not much to say. I’ve all but quit playing wow (I really don’t have the time/energy to put into it.) As a substitute, I’ve been picking up on Guild Wars again. There’s been some rumors that we might see a Q4 release of GW2, so I’m trying to get some […]

Screens. And Jera

Talk about ADD. Me and this Rit were quite taken by the cat, much to the dismay of the rest of our party. I rarely talk about my ranger << which is sad since she was my first char PVE char @_@. Drea! For a while her and my monk […]

Zomg. Beat factions!

I lied about screens last post. But, I did take video of some alliance battles I did, which I’ll splice together at some point. It was pretty boring shit..I died a lot. However, I come to celebrate something awesome: after beating the game, I knew I had to splurge SOMEHOW […]

On the subject of sillyness!

First entry, so I’m going to babble a lot. XD I’m going to openly reap full advantage of the “Amber Rush” that’s going on right now. Jade is less valuable… Good thing I’m Kurzick, though I’m not sure how/when that happened. Anyways, I transfered 80k to my factions account from […]