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GW Extravaganza

I’ve probably mentioned how terribly abusive I am in guild wars, but I thought I should probably post some more proof anyway. We’ll start with the hilarity of people being able to cross to whatever international server they want:What amuses me is the fact that I understood exactly what this […]

Causing Trouble in Guildwars

Something about Guild Wars just brings out the evil in me. Either way, while listening to some random person (Ashes of Nature) in PvP (Kurzick vs Luxon)rage about the “imbalance” of PvP, I (Drea Velaso) chimed in to fan the fire. It was fun until I realized he was one […]

Izari LEVEL 70 Party

So I got my lock to 70 tonight, and did what all good server socialites do when they ding. THROW A PARTTTTYYYYYYYBooze, flares, nudity, jumping off floating islands, and world PvP with my best IRL/In Game friends made for fucking good times!Got some nice shots, under the cut. Before that […]

Late night STV lolercakes.

So I’m leveling my lock, Izari, in STV and notice i’m getting ganked more hardcore than usual, and by 70’s. And then this happened: Between arguing with the kid, I noticed that Retzilla was around. And being the IRC/Forum troll I am, I wound up getting in contact with Ret […]


SO.After setting up my vent server for the forum trolls, we’ve been having a decent influx of people talking and such.Took a little while but I think the ice is breaking. Either way, lots of in-game fun has spawned from the vent, which is pretty damn awesome. Tues there was […]

Guild Wars: Fashion Police

From a self proclaimed Gaming Fashionista comes an epic and catty debunking of in game style.Beware. It can get ugly. Jera’s Vote: Nay (severe nay) At first I thought, this is, simply put, classic case of PvP experimentation gone wrong. Then I thought about it and oh man, did I […]