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Izzie Decoded : Gamer DNA

Gamer DNA turns out to be way fun when it comes to figuring our your play styles. I was very impressed and couldn’t agree more with my results (Especially the RTS Turling factor….hehe). The Socializer motto: “No friend undiscovered!” Description: It’s not what you do, but who you know, how […]

Guild Wars: Tale of the Rainbow Chicken

For anybody who’s a ranger/completionist/charmable pet collector in Guild Wars, the holy grail takes the form of the Rainbow Pheonix. The Rainbow Phoenix, as depicted by Arenanet and Zbrush This feathery ball of shiny is arguably the rarest / hardest pet to obtain, although some may say the coveted Moss […]

Guild Wars 2!!!

This past weekend saw some major announcements in the gaming community, what with Gamecom and Blizzcon going on. So much to babble about, so I’ll start with Guild Wars. I noticed a lot of hustle and bustle around the Guild Wars 2 facebook page over earlier parts of the week, […]

Screen Post

Other than messing around on 3.2 PTR, there’s not much of note to update, so I thought I’d go and post some random screenshots of me causing more trouble on WoW and Guildwars.Next post will have some 3.2 stuff or videos. Belf with a Beard?? Chicks are Hot… My shaman […]

April Fools!!

So last year on guild wars, we got a funny April Fools trick where all our characters were turned into stickfigures:This year, we got the honor of being Chibi Gwen (based off of Gwen-Chan from the Japanese website for the game). Very cute. And of course, the internet being the […]