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Another move in the right direction!

So here we are, making our way around the blogosphere once more and settling in on our new home. I’ve been keeping this blog / journal for over five years at this point. It started with LiveJournal knock-off, GreatestJournal, as some of the older entries still reference post-cuts and the […]

Quick Update / Revamp

Well, as I said a few weeks back, there is a re-vamp planned for the blog and some changes. First off I added a new writer to the roster, Lizzie. She’ll be doing actual game reviews (which is a++) and other fun additions to the blog. Excited about that. I’ve […]

A move in the right direction!

So I’ve moved over to blogspot for a lot of reasons, the main of which is simply that it’s a much better run place. A lot more options, control of layout, cleaner, etc. I’ll be messing around with the template/layout here. I’m still toying with whether or not to make […]