Starcraft 2 Then and Now

One of my best friends on the entire planet got me into Starcraft back in 10th grade chemistry class. Even though I’m not particularly good at it, it remains one of my favorite games ever.

I played terran pretty much my entire life and my signature end-game pwnage usually came in the form of a glitched fleet of fully upgraded battle-cruisers.

The thing with Brood War is sometimes you could queue beyond your supply limit and still spawn units. That’s generally how I’d end up with a fleet of 30 some-odd BCs.

It’s a strat that honestly should have never worked. A fully teched fleet is extremely overpowered. Even heavy-anti-air can’t do much against them.

Luckily for my opponents, Starcraft 2 really balanced out the units and the game is heavy on early-stage combat. Still, on the rare opportunity I can build my fleet, I revel in it. In 3v3, one strat my lovely teammates and I use sometimes is actually letting me turtle and focus on blitzing to air while they take care of ground and early-rushes, which I fully enjoy.

The Fleet, reborn.

I’ve upgraded from full BC’s to include banshees and the versatile re-hashed vikings to take care of any units that might hurt the precioussssss. Banshees honestly are pretty ridiculous on their own, too.

All the white on the map is cannons...

Another friend of mine favored money maps in Broodwar. His technique usually involved spamming nothing but photon cannons. When we’d 2v6 in PvP this method, sadly, worked well. One of my favorite vs AI games, I got crushed, but we always open by sending one worker unit to each other’s bases and build one supply building for instances like these.

With my one unit, I was able to completely rebuild in his base while he focused on assaulting the map with cannons. I was able to completely dedicate my rebuild to making a fleet and we ended up winning.
One time we were doing FFA with a bunch of other people on a money map, and he spammed his cannons and basically forced a draw because nobody could leave their base. It was a point of no return, as nobody would ever invite him to a game again.
In Starcraft 2, due to Terran Overload, I’ve been working on learning toss these days. They’re really fun, and I favor a heavy ground army supported by a few void rays and phoenixes in the back to clean up. STill trying to get used to it. Colossi are ridiculously amazing and drool-worthy.

  • intense. i’m a fan of cannons and AI defensive structures, but i like to play terran and they lack an automated anti-ground turret.

    • yeah terran structurally doesn’t have anti-ground like toss and zerg. what they do have, however, is cheap marines and with bunkers they make a pretty good ground defense.
      hellions work well vs basic infantry, too, especially zerglings and zealots.