Rift Rogue Leveling

I mentioned yesterday that leveling as a melee rogue sucks. Maybe I”m just doing it wrong, but the consensus either way is that it’s easier to start out as a ranger.

After it took me something obnoxious like 15 hours to get to level 16 I decided to go ahead and get my ranger soul. Basically once you hit 13, you can head to your faction’s major city (Sanctum, in my case) and find the trainer for the rest of your classes’ souls. Grab one, go fight in a rift, summon your corrupted self, defeat, and profit. This is also a good time to grab a second role to switch back and forth (either pve / pvp or solo play / group  play).

I messed around with talent trees and came up with this for starting out:

Level 18 Ranger Spec
Level 18 Ranger Spec Zam Soul Calculator

In riftstalker, I chose 5/5 Unseen Fury for the extra AP. At low levels it would seem direct AP will up your DPS more than stacking dexterity (that becomes more viable once your gear has more stats). In bladedancer I went 3/5 combat expertise for the hit rating (once you hit 17 you’ll start running the intro dungeon so that’s when hit becomes useful.

People would probably argue with that choice. I like hit. The other options I would suggest for the 3rd tree would be 3/5 ruthlessness (crit) in assassin. If you go that route, though, then balance by taking points out of eagle eye in ranger and going 5/5 enduring. Then there’s Keen Eye in marksman (increases range) which I could see being useful for leveling.

Now for the primary tree, I went 3/5 Enduring and 5/5 eagle eye. It’s worked out for me, but these can be switched if you find you and your pet are getting dangerously low, dying, or wasting time refreshing. I don’t have that issue. I believe strongly that the faster things die, the less damage I take so I normally opt for DPS. 2/2 killing focus for more damage. 3/3 improved quick shot (this is my spam skill). For leveling I would then put points into piercing shot (filler) first, then go for cripple.

At 18 I went for Trick Shot for AoE (dungeons). But if you plan on soloing more, then double shot might be the way to go.

From 18 to 25, my plan is: 3/3 improved piercing shot, 3/5 double shot, 1/1 rain of arrows.The last 2 points, not sure where to put just yet. Probably King of the Jungle to up my pets effectiveness, or finishing up Enduring since I imagine mobs will hit harder. Something like this.

At 25 is when I plan on switching back to melee, as this should be enough points to be useful.

just chillin’