Ramblings on Wrath builds

So i’m playing around with the WotLK talent calculator, basically trying to figure out on my own what might be some good builds for leveling my lock and rogue. Most of the builds posted online are for 80’s and don’t account for leveling 🙁
I figure going pure PvP or Raid spec like most 70’s won’t work too well!

Either way, I’m still not an expert at my lock, but I came up with a few fun ideas for her first.


Bizarre to spread points out in all 3 trees without going deep into any. BUT:

I figure from Demo I get the survivability advantage of SL/SL plus the stam, int, and armor bonus’.
Affliction as always gives a ton of bonus damage for my dots, self healing, and chance for instant shadow bolts. No longer a real need for Dark Pact, a good relief I think.
Destro, put points into impvoved SB for obvious reasons, bane for a faster SB. I originally had a point in Shadowburn for the extra insta-cast finisher, but realized that would hinder going deep Affliction without a respec before 80, so took that out. Might be an option if respeccing is not an issue.

As far as putting points as one levels before the final respec, I figure continue into affliction:

2/2 improved CoA or Life Tap, Finish filling out contagion, grab UA. 3/3 Death’s Embrace, and 3/3 Eradication will bring us to level 80.

Obvious losses would include not getting the final 2 skills in Aff. But, for leveling, I think this build combines some of the strongest low point talents from all 3 trees to make killing enemies (especially more than 1) easier.

= terrible attempt at an 80 PvP build.
From the Beta lock Forums
My vote for the most popular PvP spec. If you really want CoEx, sacrifice a point in Eradication.

Backup Affliction spec in case 1 pet isn’t enough.

Destruction PvP.

Meta with Felhunter PvP. Could probably be tweaked better, not too much thought put into this – Maybe the raw damage of a Felguard would be better.


Quick ref for level 80 priest builds
Disc>>> 56/15/0

Rogue (3.0 70 Builds)
EJ Spreadsheet
EJ Skill DPS Breakdown
51/5/5 Mutilate A
51/5/5 Mutilate B