Ramblings on PvP, locks, ptr, wotlk

Ok, so it’s been a while. Nothing of particular note in the past, oh, month other than leveling.

I stopped by the Lich King launch party in New York. That was a lot of fun, hung out with the NY meetup.com wow crew and a few peeps from my server.

Got my lock to 80, working on my rogue right now.

Currently on the PTR for the upcoming patch 3.0.8 (minor, it’s looking like) to see what sort of updates we’ll be having.

Notes can be found here: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html

Interesting points:
Elementals in Wintergrasp will despawn when the battle begins (as a farmer, I both love and hate this). I’m also loving the increased honor and marks for ranks, and with an ez 5 honor kills to gain the rank, well… it’s obvious why AV is dead. The bonus XP Aura will work in instances now!
PvP gear, finally available after Tuesday’s stuff (yay!), but literally 3 days before vacation so I won’t be honor grinding anytime soon.
Not a big deal.

Locks have no changes worthy of mention. In fact, in 3 pages of blue posts on MMO-Champion, I’ve seen nothing regarding the lock class (well. ok, ritual of summon buff?)

They are still extremely weak in PvP. There were some interesting arguments going on about the class on some random Youtube video I watched. They can be decent still, i’m not saying they can’t at all, but at the hands of people who REALLY pay attention (and i will admit, I am not one of those). I feel like the average – above average lock has to struggle a bit. The below average can’t roll ones face on the keyboard and still pwn face.

I definitely think locks have, at least at the current gear level, lost their throne as king of PvP. I don’t see top arena teams for the start of Season 5 including them at all.
I’m not losing faith, though. Affliction has always scaled with gear, and the lack of even a mumble in blue about the class makes me feel like a huge overhaul might be a few patches away!

As far as pvp goes, affliction is doing very lackluster in 5mans as I can tell. Not that the spec isn’t raid viable, but with melee DPS being what it is, dots don’t have time to really do their thing. I hear they do somewhat better in 25 mans, but nobody’s hurting from a lack of locks in their raid group.

The good news in all of this, however, is that destruction is showing up to be a lot stronger in PvP than it was before (3 second stun every 2 minutes?? awesome.)
If i were braver, I’d go destruction for arena. I did try it for BG’s and WG, doesn’t do so well with a lot of players really. But I can see it being something awesome for 3v3.

Anyway, enough babble.

Screenshot post coming eventually, as with more ramblings on PTR.