PvP Videos / Thoughts on Strand of the Ancients / Wintergrasp

I made two short PvP videos from Strand. The first is of Holy Priest, build can be found in this entry. THe quality of that video is extremely terrible. I had to use my mac’s in-game movie capture, and the lag was… well you can see what it was. I’m probably going to take it down as soon as I can make a better one.
only a link cause it’s not worth embedding XD

Second is deep Affliction lock. Quality is way better, Frap’ed from my PC (which i didn’t want to do cause of the lack of ground textures) and I uploaded a big file so there’s the “high quality” option on youtube as well.

People are freaking angry on the internet, btw. Comments so far have been “you suck” or “You suck, and the fact that you killed people means they suck more.”
Wow, can’t win. XD Especially since I think it’s pretty obvious the video was for fun.
Link for high quality : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8d_JIiitM0

Ah, Strand of the Ancients. Where to start….
After doing some thinking to write out my in-depth strategies for the BG, I noticed that this is strinkingly similiar to a certain competetive pvp match in Guild Wars (coughFORTASPENWOODcough), which is my favorite.
Two sides, one with siege weapons, and two sets of gates to break through, plus a final one.


The battleground itself is fairly fun to play. Obviously the new weapons (siege tanks and defense cannons) bring a whole new level of experience and a welcome relife form “capture the flag / node” monotony of previous battlegrounds.

There are still a lot of downsides, though. The set up is way too forumlated. You start as either defense or offense (from my experience, horde seems to always start defense in round 1), and fight to either capture or defend the keep. You have a set ammount of time to do this, and then it’s on to round two in which sides are switched. Very repetetive and this gets dull after a while.

Outcomes are either:
-Both sides defend and it’s a draw, which is the most common outcome from what’ I’ve seen.
-One team defends as well as captures the enemy keep which is a full victory.
-Both sides capture the keep (I’ve yet to see this happen).

I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or not, but I only have 2 Strand marks on my lock, out of all the games I’ve played. Either this is a bug or you only get a mark for a complete loss or three for a complete win, and none for draws (that doesn’t quite add up to me).

I don’t mind it overall, it’s definitely fun. Just needs to be fleshed out a little more.