Picture 014: The City At Night

 Hi-Res Version, just in case.
I really love how this picture came out.
This is a street view from 32nd street, in front of Penn Station, looking uptown on 7th ave towards Time’s Square (that small mass of light right smack in the middle.)
The really cool thing about cloudy nights in NY, especially if they’re low, is that all the lights of the city reflect off the clouds, as you can see here.
I’ve really gotta hit up Times Square at night one of these days. As much as I hate tourist-trap areas, that place is really spectacular when it’s dark and I think you guys would like to see those.
  • Michele

    Cool 😀 Supp bro!

  • Barnacle

    beautiful! 🙂

  • Splash87

    I love the motion blur going on with that taxi.

  • Paladin-Bias

    nice pic

  • gamefreak3335

    awesome pic keep em coming

  • LoneIslander

    Dammit, missing the city more T_T

  • kmartsmartsuperstar

    Wow. It's gorgeous!

  • izmeer


  • Kevorkian

    Wonderful view

  • mango

    nice one! im curious how the times square one will come out

  • Randy Weezner

    man i wanna live there bad

  • Michael Angelo Cerritos

    I hit the festival in little italy what was it, a week and half ago? After that me and my girlfriend walked from little italy to times square. You knowing NY, know how far that is..but I wanted to do it just to see the city at night. Its beautiful.

  • Lewis

    wow awersome photo 🙂

  • la comédie

    great post

  • Lewis

    very beathiful image 🙂

  • nubilus

    love it reminds me of home