Picture 013: View from the Train

One nice thing about fall is that the sun sets during evening travel and makes for some pretty shots.

It sucks that blogger doesn’t have threaded comments so I’m gonna go back and try to reply any questions or comments in the next day post.

@Janus Kane : subways are way worse, as much as NJT blows. We at least have AC and a chance at sitting, haha. Subways, you’re gonna stand 95% of the time.

@Izmeer: Yeah, I’ve had to stand once or twice before I learned the trick of just going all the way to the back of the train. The last few cars usually have space.

From Rain Rain Go Away
Rain is nice, but in NY it’s really shitty cause cars splash you and it mixes with the usual city much making for some grossness at times.
The worst is when it snows, it’s pretty and white for all of 10 minutes and then it’s just brown and yellow slush for the rest of winter, haha.
You guys will get a few of those pictures, I’m sure.

  • Barnacle

    Beautiful picture mate!

  • njohnfixes

    Lookin good man. Sun on water is never bad πŸ™‚

  • LoneIslander

    Oh yeah, snow is absolutely the worst. Nice for an hour then it turns black.

  • Splash87

    Awesome shot!

  • Ruhmreich

    really nice pic..

  • Naj

    wow! beautiful image!

  • Paladin-Bias

    nice pic

  • Michele

    Nice!! πŸ˜€