• njohnfixes

    lol Looks like everyone is on their phone…

  • LoneIslander

    I never had the misfortune of having to take the train to Jersey, thank pacman for my tank.

  • gamefreak3335

    i never been on a train before.

  • Janus Kane

    Hey mate, thanks for the comment. I really appreciate the feedback on my work when it comes. I'm loving what you have so far mate, and the recent update is pretty fascinating. The obscure background and broad foreground, mixed with thew downward first person view kinda give me the feeling of waiting in a subway train.

    Keep up the awesome content brovah,

  • Naj

    why are there people standing?? is it that crowded!?

  • Austin Da Silveira


  • izmeer

    standing for 40 minutes is long

  • Kevorkian

    Reminds me when i was going to aschool, riding the bus every morning for more than 30 minutes and never a free seat >.>

  • Randy Weezner

    fuck thats disgusting

  • kmartsmartsuperstar

    Sounds like fun times.