• Kevorkian

    nice pic! 🙂

  • njohnfixes

    Very nice! Lookin busy today.

  • LoneIslander

    God I miss the cabs, and public transportation in general.

  • Splash87

    I drove in NYC for the first time a few days ago, freaking insane drivers!

  • gamefreak3335

    i love these pics since i live in cali and have never been to the east coast

  • kmartsmartsuperstar

    I miss riding in taxis. There aren't any here in OK 🙁

  • Michele

    Cool post bro!Thanks!
    Supp 😀

  • Trashcanman

    good old NY c:

  • Austin Da Silveira

    great pic

  • Crunky

    i love the way the sun makes everything all golden in the morning…

  • rockStar

    always a pleasure <3

    thx for ur suggestion, bro

  • Michael Angelo Cerritos

    Yellow cabs are pieces of shit. I hate those motherfuckers.