• izmeer


  • nubilus

    great pic… disturbing

  • Lewis

    interesting post man

  • Muhunty

    well u have to read everypicture have something to tell us.

  • Michele

    Cool post man!:D
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

  • Ruhmreich

    twilight movies and books are a cancer for a decent society..

  • Austin Da Silveira

    love that pic

  • LoneIslander

    Oh hellz yeah. I miss the village voice T_T.

  • Michael Angelo Cerritos

    Oh hell yeah, I've seen some of them polital cartoons (also just regular news not politics) depicting people and it makes me go whattttt! Like, sometimes you cant believe they went there. lol

  • Splash87

    Dubya needs to feed!

  • Randy Weezner

    oh man thats howls