• ChaosReaper

    I wonder what it looks like, looking out the window from WAY higher up there :O

  • Admin

    Nostalgia … Great pics !

  • TSFan

    gnarly pic!

  • LoneIslander

    I don't know who you are, but you and me are now bros for life.

  • Crunky

    so a guy actually did an experiment with a penny to see if it really would kill you if dropped off the empire state building, and it wouldn't because its terminal valocity was too low to be anything more than annoying, but he did say a pen would reach lethal speeds in short order due to its aerodynamicnesscissitude…

  • Element

    Nice pic & blog! Following

  • Austin Da Silveira

    beautiful pic

  • Chibi

    I wish I could travel there. 🙂

  • Nigma
  • Michele

    Beautiful pic!!

  • Structus Postumus

    beautiful photo, that's why I would like to visit NY. To see all of it's beauty

  • crammarc

    Lost in the clouds

  • Michael Angelo Cerritos

    Was this taken the day of the Mini Hurricane?
    The city looked crazy gloomy that day.