Catching Fire Review – The film takes the best parts of the book and makes them better.

Spoiler Warning – contains heavy spoilers for Hunger Games (first book/ film), light spoilers for Catching Fire (second film). Every now and then a live action adaptation does it right – like, really right – and Catching Fire was an absolutely wonderful translation from book to film. All but the […]

HBO’s “Girls” Review – How one girl made her Mary Sue fic into an award-winning series.

HBO Girls Review Living the dream, one mistake at a time. And never actually facing the consequences of those mistakes, because entitlement. Oh, Girls. This is definitely one of those shows that you either love or hate – there’s little in-between and I feel as though the general public feels […]

Elysium 2013 Review – Not So Hidden Message

Elysium 2013 Review IzzieBytes Rating: 4/5, A- Characters: 4/5 Story: 4/5 Acting: 4/5 Effects: 5/5 Music: 4/5 The Summer of Sci-fi continues with Elysium, a dystopian adventure with a thinly veiled message about privilege, poverty, and the very controversial issues of universal health care and immigration. After District 9’s resounding […]