On the subject of sillyness!

First entry, so I’m going to babble a lot. XD

I’m going to openly reap full advantage of the “Amber Rush” that’s going on right now. Jade is less valuable…

Good thing I’m Kurzick, though I’m not sure how/when that happened.

Anyways, I transfered 80k to my factions account from prophecies (yes, i’m one of the morons who didn’t combine them) and was down to 30k recently when I realized I really needed to start saving up again. After i got my 70 armor, it went up and down from then. Not sure where the gold is going ;;;

I sold a black dye for 8k and a zealous tang for 5k (which apparently was a super rip-off, but that’s what I get for not doing my research before auctioning >>). Then right back down. I think I spent a lot on getting run all over the forrest…


Well a few days of faction farming in AB provied 20 amber which I sold for 18.9k today. <33 Yay. Up to 60k now, and I hope to reach 150 by next week.

I also didn’t make the mistake of having faction in luxon for fear of losing hard earned points again. That was dumb. Basically I got overzealous when I had aroud 7k of Luxon faction (which is hard to get, mind you, since I’m not on that side) and spent it all on jade only to find that getting jade trained my kurick too! I was so pissed off.

I swear, i’m not a newb >>

Anyway, off to FF some more until 5, when I have to go and cook dinner for my father.

So I leave you all with some fun screens: