New Videos, Future Videos

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything video-wise, mostly because I am a boring gamer and lame video editor.
I did manage to put together a Canthan New year vid, which is terrible but it was mostly me practicing Vegas 8.

As far as stuff I wanna eventually get done… my dance video, PT2, which is about 2 1/2 years late. And it sucks cause I was shooting to get it out on the 2 year anniversary of PT1, but that never happened.

I also wanna get together some GW pvp footage of PvP action, specifically Spirit Spamming in competitive missions, and beast mastery experimentation.

I’ve got a ton of footage wasting space on my harddrive of sooo much random crap. 55 monking, speed clears, and Zaishen elite ridiculousness in Guild Wars, and random bullshit from WoW.

Too bad I hardly have time to breath anymore.

Lasty, I leave you all with this hilarious IM convo from my friend Ben:

Ben: I was reading your blog, and i found something hilariously ironic.
Izzie: orly?
Izzie: was it a bad spelling error?
Ben: yeah, the way you harp on Varian all the time, makes me think you’re JUST LIKE HIM.
Ben: your posts are riddled with spelling errors
Izzie: uuuuuhhh what?
Ben: no no
Ben: according to you he’s anti-orc because he secretly loves them. i think you’re anti-varian because you have a crush on him.
Izzie: …WTF??
Ben: Don’t deny it! you pick on him like a 12-year-old schoolgirl in love!!!!
Izzie: I hate you forever.