Late night STV lolercakes.

So I’m leveling my lock, Izari, in STV and notice i’m getting ganked more hardcore than usual, and by 70’s.
And then this happened:

Between arguing with the kid, I noticed that Retzilla was around. And being the IRC/Forum troll I am, I wound up getting in contact with Ret and he showed up in chat.
Having the e-peen complex that I have, I gave in and hopped on Micaila.
By the time I got to STV, the allies had stopped attacking so i was talking in gen, roaming around looking for any straglers and Mr Minionite was still there. So I gave him some attitude, and mentioned that I was the “pussy warlock”. He kept up with his attitude so I told him to meet me at Nessingwary’s, where Retzilla had already been giving the cue that this guy was KoS. Needless to say, he got raped and blamed me for it.

And then this happened:

Now all is right with the world.

Special thanks goes out to Retzilla for being awesome.

ps, yes i beat him with no weapons on. while he had weapons. /flex