Izari LEVEL 70 Party

So I got my lock to 70 tonight, and did what all good server socialites do when they ding.

Booze, flares, nudity, jumping off floating islands, and world PvP with my best IRL/In Game friends made for fucking good times!
Got some nice shots, under the cut. Before that though,

Shout outs go to:
Isengaard/Sojhin for being my level buddy for so freaking long. Here’s to 70 for you soon!
Stiv/Eveverly for being there to cap my 70 yet again! And heal us through some major lame pvp! And the screenshots!
Lizzie/Wauna for getting on wow after i harassed you in aim!
Kaae for taking time to come chill with us! I <3 you girl!
Divino for randomly coming!! And healing as well.
The Enclave for showing up to Halaa when they heard I was having a bash!
Demog for leaving our raid group when you realized how terrible we were at pvp!

Next update:
Eveverly: Holy Faggotry, Then and Now.

Started off with some booze, snowballs, and fire dancing!

Next we decided to jump from the floating island into the water below halaa. we got naked in preperation for certain death! instead we landed safely in water and scattered when we aggroed a bunch of mobs with no armor on.

We scurried up to one of the (now capped) bomb stations, re-dressed, and some really bad pvp ensued. Enclave showed up not too long after and we got wooped pretty bad!
PvP while drunk is hard!

Awesome times!