It’s Been Forever

I took a month off wow due to being poor.
Got back, guild was going nowhere so I left and took some time to myself.
After a few weeks i got the itch to raid so I applied to this crazy group of people called Insanity.
Someone in IRC had told me to join before I left TDR, and I filled out an app but totally forgot.
Long story short, I got accepted, dragged to hyjal my first night, and promoted to class lead a few weeks later =D
I hear this guild, we’re doing well. Done with SSC, working on TK Kael, BT, and Hyjal!!
The end-game i thought i’d never see!
Izari is now level 52, and I’m working on getting her to be an epic pvp toon at 70 (already had enough honor/marks to buy her s2 shoulders. Sick, i know). Turned Shanikwa to a healbot twink for 49 bracket! Also sick!

So screenshot times:

Embarrassing my e-friends is key.

Hot Sex. Enuff said.

mic is badass.

Sleeping with the enemy, as they say. OMG. (Trees <3)

Before transferring to Andorhal and being a raider, Micaila made money by doing performances in major cities. Tru story.

Raid Shots:

Mad Dips on Void Reaver!! (I heart tank and spanks)

Dancing during a world server crash in SSC.

Lady Vashj down!!