Initial Thoughts on Rift

Like a baddie, I ignored all my beta weekend invites until the very last one (the open beta), so I feel like I didn’t really get a chance to explore as much as I should have.


Either way, I went ahead and pre-ordered the game since I knew enough people giving it a shot to make it worth it and hopped on the head-start.

My initial impression of the game… honestly, I’m not sure. There’s a lot I like, and a lot I don’t like.

This is the first time I’ve started an MMO while employed 9-5, so while time constraints have affected my play in other games like WoW and Guild Wars, I’ve at least already done the hard part (getting to max level).

With Rift, I find myself struggling to keep up. I’m not entirely sure why. Upon further research it may have been my soul choices. We’ll start with that.

Micaila. Badass.

The awesome thing about the soul trees is the fact that you are not bound to a very specific role the way you are in other mmos. Once you pick one of the four basic callings (rogue, mage, warrior, cleric), eac offers several souls, or sub-classes, that fit within the general idea. Cleric and Rogue offer the most diverse, allowing you to support / tank / dps. Mages offer dps and healing while warriors offer dps and tanking. This is pretty genius as far as allowing people to experiment outside their comfort zones of the holy trinity of mmo rolls without being forced to re-roll.

Initially, I had a defiant lock but ended up re-rolling a guardian rogue on the same server to play with friends. I decided to go with a melee build (nightblade, bladedancer, riftstalker) which I regretted practically 5 levels later. At 13 I finally went for assassin (which offers the best straightforward melee DPS skills) and eventually gave in to ranger for the sake of leveling.

Melee rogues just don’t have enough points to make them worth it.

One thing I’m really impressed with is the lighting in the game. I first noticed it when I was digging around artifacts. I found the glow reflecting off my character pretty awesome.

Then I ran around sanctum, where there were multiple sources of light of varying colors and it all looks amazing and realistic. Gotta give them props.


The rift events are pretty cool so far, but I can see where people have several concerns. What’s going to happen when the masses out-level an area and only a handful of scattered newbies are left to defend alone? What about when high levels come back to low-areas to “farm” the events, essentially getting all the damage / kills before a lowbie has a chance (loot scales with how much activity you put into sealing a rift, but you can’t do much when the mobs are one-shot by a level 30). I’ve seen people complain about this a few times but I haven’t gotten around to seeing if there’s been any answers yet.

I have a lot of complaints, too.

The dances are horrendous. Character creation is lackluster, too. I feel like I have more face choices in six year old games than I do with this. Leveling is a bore. Each faction has one starting zone, which can be annoying the 3rd time around. Although the multiple sub-class helps alleviate the need for 3,000 alts, joining friends and starting a new role will mean the same boring repetitive starting zones.

I feel like I’ve been stuck in the same area for ages, too.

Storage is a real problem. Bags and space are expensive and you seriously get TONS of shit. Grey vendor trash aside, I seriously don’t have enough room. It probably doesn’t help that I went triple gathering for my professions. I have a bank-alt in the works but I”m not to keen on having to level him through the same areas again.

Anyway. It’s just leveling. I haven’t really had time to do anything else (one half-completed dungeon run, interrupted by a server restart, no pvp). I’m hoping to get around to trying some other things and getting the hell out of Silverwood or whatever.

Rift. At least it’s pretty.