Ingress Slang, Lingo, and Terminology Guide

Ingress Slang, Lingo, and Terminology Guide

So recently I’ve gotten myself into Ingress, which is a global mobile capture-the-flag style game that’s been increasing in popularity of late.

While I’m in the process of writing a proper review and starter guide (which is taking longer than expected) I thought I’d start you guys off with a basic lingo / slang reference. The rest will come later, but it’s a fun way to (perhaps confusedly) introduce yourself to Ingress. =)

Posted: January 21, 2014 
Update: March 8, 2015 – A few terms added, formatting adjustment
Update: Sept 27, 2015 – Table styled and formatted for readability. Term additions.

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Items & Game Terms | Players | Actions & Activities | Misc. & Regional Lingo

Items & Game Terminology


Term Stands for… Description
AP Access or Action Points “Experience”, needed to gain levels. Acquired by most active tasks in-game.
XM Exotic Matter The main resource in Ingress – counts as “energy” and “health”.
MU Mind Unit A measure of the human population that lives under a control field.
res, reso resonator An item in Ingress used to take and hold control of portals.
R resonator [Contextual] Sometimes used as an abbreviation for resonator. “Anyone have spare R7s” is asking if someone has spare level 7 resonators.
X(#), Burster XMP An item in Ingress used to attack and neutralize enemy resonators in order to neutralize portals. # indicates the level of the item.
US Ultra Strike Limited item that acts as a personal mod, lets the player target a specific resonator instead of an un-targeted AoE (area of effect) attack that busters usually use.
P(#) Portal Main objectives in Ingress. Players fight for faction control of portals, which are made from points of interest across the globe. # indicates the level of the portal.
Mod Modification An object that can be installed to increase the power or capability of another object. For example, installing a Shield MOD on a Portal will increase the defensive power of the Portal.
LA Link Amp A portal mod that increases the range of links between portals.
HS Heat Sink A portal mod that decreases the duration of burnout between portal hacks.
FA Force Amp A portal mod that increases the attack power of a portal.
S, PS Portal Shield A portal mod that puts a defensive shield over the resonators, dampening the effect of enemy XMP attacks.
TR Turret A portal mod that increases the rate of portal attacks.
MH Multi-Hack A portal mod used to increase the amount of times a portal can be hacked before burnout.
Link A link is created between two portals by use of the in-game UI.
Field A field is created by linking three or more portals.
Megafield A field / series of fields that span a much larger area than normal (entire towns, for instance, or sections of a city). Megafields are often meticulously planned and even given names.
Anchor A portal that supports one or more fields.
Hub [Regional] An area with a large concentration of portals and fields; see also, farm.
L(#) Level (#) Used in conjunction with other abbreviations to indicate the level of an item, player, or portal. “L8”, for instance, is commonly used to refer to level 8 (max) players. It can be used to describe the level of items as well (L6 res = level 6 resonator).
“####” Sequence of numbers indicates resonator levels, when deployed at a portal. “I put 8766 on portal (x)”, for instance, indicates that the player deployed four resonators; level 8, 7, and two 6’s at specified portal.
C(i) Common (item) Refers to common items, where “i” can be a shield, amp, etc.
R(i) Rare (item) [Contextual] Refers to rare items, where “i” can be a shield, amp, etc.
VR(i) Very Rare (item) Refers to very rare items, where “i” can be a shield, amp, etc. The rarer an item, the more powerful its effects.
Gear Term used to refer to items obtained by hacking portals. Includes most inventory items (weapons, mods, resos, portal keys)



Term Stands for… Description
Agent Players of Ingress.
R, Res Resistance [Contextual] “r” on its own is sometimes used to imply resistance control / players. IE. “r.P3” would be used to indicate a resistance owned level 3 portal.
Smurf Resistance Player Term used to refer to Resistance players, who are blue (as are Smurfs).
Blewb New Resistance Player Refers to new Resistance players – combination of “Blue” and “Newb”
Blue The color of the Resistance. When an area / region is referred to as “blue”, this is meant to indicate that area is heavily resistance controlled.
E, Enl Enlightened “e” on its own is used to imply enlightened control / players. IE “e.P4” would be used to indicate an enlightened controlled level 4 portal.
Frog/Toad Enlightened Player Term used to refer to Enlightened players, who are green (as are Frogs)
Tadpole New Enlightened Player Refers to newbie Enlightened players, as tadpoles are baby frogs. (Aww).
Green The color of the Enlightened. When an area / region is referred to as “green”, this is meant to indicate that area is heavily enlightened controlled.
Lowbie / Newbie Refers to low level / new players.
Sponge When non-max players (L1-L7) actively capture, link and field to gain AP, before L8’s come in and upgrade everything to max. This allows low players to gain AP for levels while still creating strongholds for that faction. “Power leveling” so to speak.
Spoofer Someone who tricks the GPS in their phone in order to interact with portals that they are not actually anywhere near. “Spoofing” the gps, so to speak.
Oracle, Operator, Dispatch A player who uses the intel page [website] to act as a guide to mobile players.

Actions & Activities

Term Stands for…. Description
Drop Often used to indicate a deployment of resonators at a portal “Dropped two R8’s on your portal.” Can also refer to the in-game action of dropping items, either to clear inventory or give to another player.
Cap Capture The act of gaining control of a portal, farm, etc. Enemy portals are captured(capped) by neutralizing and then deploying one’s own resonators.
1/One Cap Act of putting a single resonator on a neutral portal. An act of challenge or aggression.
Fill Act of deploying resonators or mods to a portal that is not already completely deployed. For instance, players are only allowed to deploy 2 out of 4 mods per portal, and will sometimes ask a fellow player to “fill” the remaining spots.
Upgrade Act of replacing lower level resonators / mods to higher ones. For instance, players are limited to deploying 4 of the same level resonators and will have to use the next level down to complete filling all the spots.
Farm/Farming A “farm” (noun) is an area or route with a high concentration of portals (sometimes intentionally built that way) where players can spend a short amount of time hacking to collect items. This action is known as “farming”. When a player says he or she is going to “farm”, this indicates that their goal is to collect a large amount of items. This is often done in preparation for a larger scale attack or right after one, to renew resources.
FF8’ing Flash Farm When at least eight L8s come together to create an eight farm and quickly farm items before it can be attack by the enemy.
Garden [Regional] Similar to a farm, but usually smaller. 5-10 portals, average.
“Make green/blue” [Regional]Phrase used when players plan to spend time taking over an area for their faction – green for Enlightened, blue for Resistance.
“Gray out” Phrase used when players neutralize a portal / farm.
Smash When one player or team destroyed an enemy farm in glorious fashion. “SMASH!!”
Upkeep, Maintain The process of actions used to maintain control of a portal or area, including recharging resonators, links, shields, etc.
Flip Using an ADA/Jarvis (virus item) to turn a portal from one faction to the other instantly.
Hunting Deliberately finding specific portals to attack, depending on a player’s personal motives. Sometimes a player will hunt another player’s portals, or perhaps certain types of portals (etc). This varies from player to player.
Pin Sometimes used to refer to a resonator. The action of pinning means placing a resonator on a portal. “I pinned your farm.”
Bump When a player “bumps” up the level of a portal by upgrading resonators.
Leveling The process of gaining levels to be a more effective / powerful player.
“In the field” Refers to mobile players who are out actively interacting with objectives.
Ping Act of firing on a portal, often with low level XMP, to send the portal’s owner[s] an alert without the intention to destroy.
Clear/Scrub moss [Faction Specific]When resistance players actively attack and capture enlightened portals.
Dirty Hacking Hacking an enemy portal for gear

Misc. & Regional Lingo/Slang


Term Stands for…. Description
Socks, Socks for Christmas [Regional] Getting undesired items from a hack, such as L1 resonators.
Sitrep Situation Report [Regional?] Asking for an update on current goings on in one’s territory.
Couch/Home, Office/Desk Portal Refers to portals that are hackable from players’ homes or work, making for easy / repetitive interaction.
Beer Portal [Regional] Refers to portals that are hackable from popular drinking spots. It is considered bad sportsmanship to attack beer portals, as they are used by both factions, sometimes flipped for fun.
Guardian Portal A portal that an agent is holding for his/her guardian badge.
Drift When the scanner malfunctions and shows the player at an incorrect location, or generally floats back and forth periodically.
Pineapple / Campfiring, Dick Flip [Regional] Capturing a portal by placing all resonators extremely close to the portal, giving it a pineapple-like or campfire-like appearance [img] . This is done often to use an ADA/Jarvis to switch the portal to the enemy faction, making a poorly designed, easily capturable portal for one’s team.
Meatballing Similar to the above, however usually unintentional by new players who don’t yet understand how to properly space / deploy.
Pop [Regional]Act of breaking shields – “Pop” a shield.

Credits: Various users of reddit who contributed to my crowdsourcing thread; Enlightened players of Boston.

  • precociousmouse

    another quick one – to ‘up’ a portal, similar to bump and a shortening of upgrade I have heard and use myself a lot.

    • ballbag

      or to ‘seed’

  • criticaldefect

    for Pineapple its worth noting that these are often deployed with link amps before being flipped as well

  • Keith Kyzivat

    Also worth noting – Dirty Hacking – where you hack enemy portals for gear.

    • Lori Dunn (theonlytiggercx)

      Or now days putting multiple fracker(s) on the enemy farm portals and farming them dry then after the frackers have weakened the portals enough wipe them out and redeploy on them with shields, force Amps, and turrets.

      • Keith Kyzivat

        Is there a name for this activity? I’ve never done it myself, but that’s because I live in an area that is frequently blue, but flips often enough now-adays that nothing stands as 8s for too long, especially ENL P8s.

  • SitRep (Army-speak) Short for “Situation Report”. Originally given by a high ranking officer that claims he/she wants to either fil a situation report or wants one filed by a subserviant officer.

  • Blewb question here – what does BAF stand for?

    • Angela young

      Big ass field

      • Preston Sheldon

        or politically correct is Big Augmented Field.

  • Jessi L

    i recently heard the term FU campfire… i know campfire, but is the FU the obvious meaning? or something else, doesn’t make sense to me as an “f you campfire”. Thanks in advance from a semi-newbie

  • Whitewater

    what is a Siterep?

    • Keith Kyzivat

      A Sitrep is a situational report — I believe it’s another name for an After Action Report (AAR) – a report that agents contribute to when a large operation (BAF (see below definition) or otherwise) is completed detailing where the pain points were, where the strong points were, and how to improve performance, so the next operation is even better.

  • Andrew Teeluck

    Is there a term for non-ingress-players? For example, in geocaching (and Munzee I think), a non-player is a muggle.

  • Preston Sheldon

    Flood – {factional} Resistance turning all portals blue, or creating a BAF.

  • Keith Kyzivat

    Since you have Tadpole in there, you could also put in Smurfling – lowbie smurf players.

  • Keith Kyzivat

    This also needs the newer items:
    Lubes – Lawson Cubes
    MUFG – red capsules… – Muffys, Mother fuggers, mugs, Mug fugs, etc.. Special red colored capsules that have a small chance of duplicating the items in it. “My muffys have been breeding”

  • Ben

    I’ve seen reference to batphone lately, what does this mean?

  • Jacob Anderson

    I don’t think I found what I was looking for here. My brother and I are the only Resistance players in my town, and neither of us have made any links/fields yet. However yesterday, 5/21/2016, all of town was a webby inconsistent blue. Wish I had taken a picture, but imagine blue food coloring dropped in water as it slowly strings out. Today however, it is nowhere to be seen. Was this an aesthetic from an anomaly or event somewhere?

    • Ben

      That was field, made by other Resisitance agents. the reason it is gone now is because it was taken out or it died. check