Her Universe, aims to bring geek chic apparel for the ladies

Cute and Badass, easily describes geek chicks as well.

Ashley Eckstien, voice actress of Ahsoka Tano in the 3D Star Wars spin-off The Clone wars has founded an apparel company that aims to be exclusive in female sci-fi clothing.

Her line will be “debuting” this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, and she’ll be holding a panel to both promote the site, Her Universe, as well as talk about the importance of representing female Sci-Fi fans.

Her first license is for Star Wars, and I imagine she plans on expanding this to other titles (Battlestar Galactica, oh pretty please!) as well.

What I like about the designs is that they are more than just Star Wars art screenprinted onto the front of stock t-shirts. They’re actually thought out to be appealing as something girls would wear: colorful, lady-cuts, placement of the artwork, and even a little cutesy here and there.

A few have argued that this is offensive (“why should it be ‘cuteified!’ in order to cater to women!?”) but I strongly disagree.

Men and women have different tastes in clothing and design, that’s a given. I enjoy rocking my geek side, but not all fangirls are tomboys (well I am a bit, but I do like to look cute, too). Some of us like to actually dress up, and if I’m going out with friends I’m not gonna run around in an oversized men’s T because that’s all there is.

I do, however, happily don some of those baby-doll cut gamer shirts. And soon I may even rock a Star Wars one.

The item I have my eye on is the hooded thermal. I really like the design and thermals are awesome.

The down-side, as expected, is that the clothes are not cheap. 30 bucks for the tees, 40 for the long-sleeved items. That’s kind of pushing it, even for geek apparel that’s usually overpriced.

It’s pretty tempting, though.
Check out her website for news, blog, store, and more info.

  • Jess >:|

    have to say, don’t like the shirt in the image… looks cheap and poorly designed.

    • Ouch! So you wouldn’t be seen in public with me if I wore that?

      • Pity

        Maybe if they were like walking with you, but dragging you along the street at the same time, so the public thinks they’re like…dragging you home so you can change your shirt or something…work that out!