Happy 4th Birthday Izziebytes! Future posts, Future plans.

On July 21, 2006, a spastic sophomore in art college who liked video games a little too much started an online journal at LJ rip-off Greatest Journal to try and document her misadventures in Guild Wars. The first post consisted of mainly screen-shots with stupid captions.

Four years later, she’s doing pretty much the same thing, although trying to be considerably more articulate and less retarded.

It’s hard to believe I’ve actually been doing this for four years, even though the first two of those four boasted maybe 6 posts a year. Lately I’ve been trying to crank out at least six a month, if not more, and it seems to be working. For now at least.

Sometimes it’s really embarrassing to look back at all the bullshit I said. It’s a stark reminder of how much life before and after graduating college changes. That was also before a lot of major things in my life happened: my father passed away, I almost didn’t graduate, and a retarded guy or two were in the picture.

The good thing, though: it’s getting better and better. That’s part of the reason I’ve copied over all my old posts through every re-location: from greatest journal, to insane journal, to blogger, and finally wordpress. Sure they’re embarrassing, full of typos and lame leet-speak, lots of CAPSEXCLAIMATIONPOINTS!!!!! and offensive commentary. But it shows the evolution. And it’s good for a laugh.

I like to remind myself that it all starts small, and sometimes retarded, but continues to grow. And reminds everyone out there, as well. Back then nobody knew who the heck I was. Today I have a handful of regular readers / commentators. So who knows where this can go.

So here’s to perseverance, then. Good memories, good times with friends. That’s the most important part.

Anyways, as far as what I’ve got planned for the future with this thing. I’m going to try to get in the habit of updating more with less. I have a  habit of writing walls of text with lots of speculation / information, which is fine and dandy, but it presents a few problems.
• Walls of text take time to write, edit, and illustrate.
• They can be boring to read one after another.
• More likely to be typo-ridden.

I’ve got a handful of friends who read and send me corrections, which I’m extremely grateful for, but a lot of them slip by still.
So I’m going to start doing shorter, quick blurbs on more topics that are less intensive and throw my mini-novels in there more like once a week. That sounds pretty savvy.

Another goal: more illustrations and imagery. Photos help make things interesting and break up the text. I enjoy screenshots and captions, but I haven’t really gotten around to personally drawing for the articles, which makes me sad cause they can be pretty cute / funny / unique.

Update my about page, fix the navigation.

Lastly, I’m going to go back and start fixing a lot of the older entries where the formatting got messed up in the import. Especially ones that had survived four different moves, the html and images are so messed up it’s almost funny. Almost.

That’s that! Woot.