GW Extravaganza

I’ve probably mentioned how terribly abusive I am in guild wars, but I thought I should probably post some more proof anyway.
We’ll start with the hilarity of people being able to cross to whatever international server they want:

What amuses me is the fact that I understood exactly what this guy was asking.

Here I taunt a touch ranger (a build notorious for it’s survivability and fast killing) cause I was running an equally newb build that’s hard to kill (health regenerating minion master). Sometimes I enjoy stooping down to the “you fucking newb” level

Here I was running an interrupt mesmer build (which actually takes a bit of skill to play) and aggravated an elementalist. I offered to let her kill me. I thought I was being nice?

A run-in with an account scammer. Since I have an abundance of trial keys, i thought I might try to see if I could get some free in-game gold out of it. As it turns out, not surprisingly, the whole thing was a sham. But I had fun anyway.