Guild Wars Community Projects Update: March 2011 Edition

Welcome to the March edition of Talk Tyria’s CPU, where I  cover new sites, upcoming events, and major changes to your favorite existing fansites. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first update as well.

This was meant to be monthly, so I apologize ahead of time for the massive delay! Either way, there’s a lot of fun stuff in the works, so let’s get it rolling.
GW2Live has actually been around since last update, but they’ve enjoyed a quick surge in popularity and regulars since then. The site aims to be a stream for live Guild Wars 1/2 gameplay with an interactive chatroom, and has a loop of fun and interesting videos for offline-time. It’s quite literally setting up to be Guild Wars 24/7. They are currently looking forward to streaming post-NDA beta play (for those lucky to get in.) They’ve also been helping host the Guild Mag podcast!
The site’s creator, Peter Chan (AKA LeakingBlood) and his crew of moderators and streamers are still feeling out exactly how they plan on running shows. But the touch-and-go experimentation has been nothing but fun and laughs for everybody who’s taken the time to join, and the chatroom has been a regular hang-out for many. Currently experimenting by streaming Guild Wars 1 and other games, GW2Live has a promising and exciting future ahead of them. Be sure to check them out… the international community means there’s almost always someone on to watch / talk to!
GW2 News is a mega-feed website that follows pretty  much all the major Guild Wars sites out there. It has sections for new videos, images, and tweets about Guild Wars, on top of blogs and official news. The snazzy layout and one-page design makes it a really awesome tool to have.
The site offers multiple ways to follow and keep an eye out for any new information that crops up.

From the mastermind behind the Guild Wars Database Project comes another great community tool: a full-blown IRC network that will allow fans to connect to each other regardless of where they are. The nature of the network is set-up to allow fan-sites to implement and connect to the same server. Visitors to each site can then join the entire network from their favorite spots and connect with players from other sites as well, all within one client. Fansite leaders can also create their own channels if they choose to do so! The network is being tested currently on GW2Live and GWDB, so check out the site and keep updated with twitter.
Although I wanted to save this for the blogger edition of CPU, I couldn’t wait that long. I’m super excited to pass the news that uber GW/Gaming writer Hunter parked his blog at a new domain. If you were following his old site, be sure to update your bookmarks. And if you haven’t read any of his stuff yet… well get to it! He has great insight (pun fully intended) into Guild Wars; the story, races, and hints at gameplay (did I mention he fully called the Guardian months ago?). He has regular updates and his posts are always great reads. Highly recommended ;). Also follow him on twitter @HuntersInsight.

Map of Tyria
This, like many fan projects, started with a thread. Ares along with other members of GW2 Guru jumped on the Information Overload of 2010 and started gathering images of maps around the new Tyria. It’s based predominately on the official map offered in the Guild Wars novels (Ghosts of Ascalon) and supplemented by in-game images from conventions and releases. Ares uses google maps technology to allow you to explore and zoom in on specific areas. This is definitely a must-go place and can offer tons of fun!
Another media-centric website that cropped up almost under our noses, GW2Movies is basically shaping up to be Youtube exclusively for Guild Wars 2. Current content includes official release videos, but also tons of rare game-play and information vids from the various conventions over the past year. The admin has seemingly picked out even some of the most obscure content out there.
The site features for members includes exactly what you would expect from a site like this: favorites, playlist, and the ability to upload your own content among others.
It’s a great site: no lag, streams are fine, although the video quality can be give or take depending on source.

That’s it for this round. Check back soon for the CPU: Blogger Edition coming later this month.
Got a site / blog / project you want promoted? Let me know! You can post a link in the comments, e-mail me at izziebytes[a] or send me a tweet @talktyria!

  • awwww shucks 😛

    i’ve been surprised by the slickness and usefulness of guildwars2live, its a good site and can see myself using it a lot in the future.

    gave a shout out myself to ares and his map site. Hit up gwmaps to find the dopest route.

    • Izari

      lmfao, hunter. you’re ridiculous.

  • I really approve of the GW2Live project.