Guild Wars 2 Community Projects Update – Episode 3

Well, it’s been far too long since we’ve done a big Guild Wars 2 community projects update (last one was March 2011… jeez!), but I’m glad to pop-in and give you guys a quick update on the happy haps in the community.

Over the past year or so, lots of sites have come and gone. We bid farewell to some classic spots like Conjure Phantasm / and, as well as several of the pre-release spotlights from our first two posts. Sad to see these guys go.

We are happy, however, to say that many of our faves are still going strong (looking at you GW2Live, GuildMag, GWEN, etc.). Also, mad props to our girl Elixabeth for her gig on Massively as the new Flameseeker Chronicles writer  (yeah, yeah. We know that’s old news, but we can be proud anyways).

Now that the game is in full release, we can expect the fansite roster to swell and stabilize, hopefully along side the in-game economy (we can dream). So lets take a gander at some recent finds that we hope will be around forever. And ever.

 What’s new with the Guild Wars 2 Community

• Guild Wars 2 Riches
One of the greatest things about in-game worlds is the ability to be fithly, dirty rich. I’m talking piles upon piles of gold doubloons on which to roll around while cackling manically to one’s self. Guild Wars 2 Riches aims to aid us on that journey. Advocates of NOT buying from account-hacking, chat spamming gold sellers, the site aims to be a center for informative guides on crafting, markets, and the like to help players help themselves reach their wildest dreams without having to rely on the MMO black market. And they’re also looking for a few good ladies or gents to join, so if you’ve got a knack for economy and nerdism, give this site a go.

• Trading Post Calculator
And speaking of gold doubloons, this handy-dandy little tool (featured by the above site) lets you compare market and trade costs to figure out if you’d make more selling to players or just vendoring to NPCs.

Guild Wars 2 Guild Search
This fantastic site is a database which allows you to search and find a guild that fits you best. Filter by tag or server, and get a list that provides you with all the basic info you can possibly need. Checking out a guild’s profile gives you a little more including websites, general descriptions, and the like.

The lack of direct API means a lot of manual updating is needed from GLs but it’s still a great place to search or recruit, as well as get an idea of server populations.

 • Guild Wars 2 Den
There are TONS of fansites out there, but GW2 Den caught my eye for its lovely design and seemingly advanced software. It’s one of the most streamlined communities as far as navigation goes that I’ve seen yet, with great content and quite easy on the eyes. The site is the brainchild of a few redditors, one of which is the mastermind behind GW2census as well. It’s pretty new (about a week or so old), so they can definitely use some love. Check this place out!

Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers
I believe we may have mentioned these guys briefly in the past, but they deserve a ton more attention. The site has exploded since I last visited, with over 3000 members and closing in on 70,000 posts. They’ve hit the sweet spot when it comes to what you’d want out of an RP community; resources for lore and history, recruitment information for RP-centric guilds, and a place for forum-based RP, plus much, much more. It’s a healthy, active community so if you’re interested in role playing, definitely start here.

 • Foundation Hub
If you’ve got more of an artistic flair (as many of us do), Foundation-Hub is a new project for fanfic enthusiasts. Although the site is a little confusing to navigate, they have a few stories already up and are looking for more. Writers should definitely get in on this.

Community Chatter Box

Some blogs etc. to check out: F**YeahTyria; pardon the French, but this tumblr dedicates itself to fancy screenshots with an animated gif or two. Disclaimer; browze the GW2 tag on tumblr with extreme care. We hold no responsibility for some of the…ahem… unique content there. A quick shout-out to The Pale Tree,  for those of you who love Sylvari (or GuildWars2 in general!). Happy to see that Relics of Orr are back with their video cast series! Three cheers.

Guru Frenzy: What’s hot on the web’s biggest GW2 forum.  A guide on getting GW2 on your MAC , (yet another) claim that Anet lied to us about leveling, woes that the bleed cap is useless, where did you get that armor?! and musings on end-game lacking and the B2P model being the saving grace.

Reddit Watch: Some target system woes, trading post app for android, theories on a live action trailer, and a necromancer support group.

Lastly, keep an eye on Gaming World Entertainment Network for updates on their Pink Day in LA charity drive; the date is officially Oct 20th, 2012. More info to come! If you wanna get involved, a meeting will be held on Sept 22!

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