GM Island / PTR Business

3.2 PTR so far is proving to be AWESOME for casual PvP.

Knowing that WSG will eventually end has made my excursions into the BG seem so much less like resigning myself to voluntary Chinese water torture for 45 minutes to an eternity. I was surprised I hopped on to test it at all, what with BG grinding on both my toons on LIVE making me want to deathgrip myself into oblivion.

AB and EOTS being shortened has been a subtle but appreciated change as well. This excites me greatly because 90% of the time, I enter EOTS with horde losing 55/1537. This only means my free mark will come within 10 seconds of entering as opposed to waiting a minute. The only con is not having enough time to tell everybody how fucking terrible they are at BG’s that involve even minor strategy.

That said, the new Wintergrasp system is proving a terrible failure, ironic since the major nerfs were ‘needed’ due to it’s overwhelming success.
Understandably, even with the ‘weekly’ quests being implemented, the first few days right after reset still see massive overflow of people. Has it helped the lag? For sure. But seeing “epic world pvp” being diminished to a poor man’s battleground is heartbreaking.

Other things to look forward to: built in quest helper. ‘Bout time, then again I remember back in the dinosaur ages when shit you needed to pick up didn’t sparkle.

Way back in the day I hit up the PTR for 3.1 before the devs shut down open console commands. The results was mobbing GM island, which turned out to be pretty damn boring.

Either way I made a vid of it to share: