vs /r/Gaymers. Ready your weapons, ladies and gents. This could get ugly.

Well, this is a unexpected brewing war.

While browsing the League of Legends subreddit, I noticed that there’s a new sub–sub reddit for gaymers who play LoL. I found this extremely interesting, since the LoL community isn’t known for being the most open-armed group of people, so I went to check it out.

I was pretty disappointed to see the top thread being about the danger of a cease-and-desist summons over the term “gaymer.”

The summons comes from a fellow named Chris, creator of the website (which as of the time of this post, is curiously “account suspended”), who wrote an open-letter to the /r/gaymer community on reddit about his choice of action.

The reaction has been, unsurprisingly, negative. His site has been around for quite some time, and in his address he tried to garner sympathy by explaining how much blood, sweat, and tears has gone into his project and community. He has allegedly wordmarked the word “gaymer” and is trying to protect the brand that he’s built.

I gather he’s trying to sound worried about his site and the subreddit being mistaken for one another, as if the opinions of /r/gaymers might negatively affect his site. Or something. But I’mm not buying it. Sounds more like he’s not happy that searching the term gaymer results in the subreddit being top with his site second on the list (that could just be me, though.)

Truly, the term gaymer has been used for far longer than his site has been around. And I completely agree with the members in this community when they say he has no right to trademark an identity. That’s like trying to trademark the word “gay” or “GirlGamer” or what have you. It’s silly and uncalled for.

 I’m not too sure of the timeframe of this development; Gaymers subreddit posted their warning of the CAD at around  10 pm EST yesterday, Sept 9th, and the admin of Gaymer.Org posted his response (partially fueled by the initial nasty reaction he got) at 1pm EST today, Sept 10th.  So the fued is ongoing for the time being.

 It’ll be interesting to see how this develops. Honestly, I feel this guy should let it go. There’s nothing glorious about alienating or pissing off the very group of people he’s trying to support / cater to, and I guarantee if he gets his way, they are NOT going to be happy with it. I sure as hell wouldn’t be.

What do you guys think?