Fun with WoW

Despite my determination to stop playing, with about a month left of paid time (and whatever blizz may offer in regards to our server’s 4 crash per day streak of late), I decided to make the best of it and have some fun.
There’s been a whole lotta running around like a madwoman trying to grab “Love Fool” on my toons. Sadly Mica is too low level to get some of the achievements (naxx / wg / strat D= ) but i managed the title on Izari.

It’s been a lot of fun chillaxing with Isengaard, Turgoth, Gavorkna, Dimona/Alsinar, StrikerX, and a lot of other fun peeps on the server.

Nothing too serious going on, running heroics a little more, trying to level my DK and Mica slowly as I feel fit.
Whole lotta fun, so I’ll let the screens do the talking!

Nice shot of Mica floating.

Totally not evil!

We saw Santa. Naked.

Putting the “class” in… well, nm.

Chilling with a favorite Ally buddy.


Gotta love bank ninjas!