Features Wow Should Have

I think these are practical / fair:

A) Re-organizable Character Logon List: Would be nice, since right now it’s bank / alt / main / alt / alt. I’d like my main to be on top, for srsly.

B) Invisible Mode: Ability to have invisible mode so you can farm / quest / grind without being harassed. Ideally, it would have Invisible to All, Visible to Friends, Visible to Guild as options. I’d be ok with just on or off, though.

C) Guild Networks/Alliances: Blatantly stolen from GW, but a good idea none-the-less. Having a Guild Network which would allow communication and certain shared features (Like /alliance chat) would be pretty awesome. This would solve more d-rama issues than cause, I honestly think, and more importantly allow close knit guilds remain somewhat private while having an extended network for higher level content, and a larger pool of players to group up for other stuff.

D) Player Housing: ’nuff said. Even if it’s only Guild-wise, there are huge advantages to having player housing. A place to store and “display” old armor sets, tabbards, pets, etc. yes please?

More coming when I think of them.