Exploring Tyria #001

Fireside Chat | Zaishen Menagerie

Guild Wars is just gorgeous. I never get over how amazing the graphics are for a game that’s been out for so long. As an arttard, I’ve always appreciated that aspect of the game.

With my new video card, I’m glad I can enjoy it now with graphics cranked all the way up.

  • bargamer

    Ooh, what kind you got? I got a Radeon HD 5830, several months ago, and I looooooooves it!

    • Izari

      It’s an Nvida 9500GT I think… something around there. It’s not too bad. I just have a crappy computer with limited resources as far as the motherboard goes so I was pretty limited as to what I could get. But for what I paid for the new card and power supply, it was super worth it.

      Now that I jumped that hurdle I’m getting revved up to build my own PC!

  • yolaus

    A solid graphics card makes so much difference…. I pllayed for years on my old laptop and had no clue how beautiful gw was until I built a desktop. Now I’m redoing all the old areas just to see them how they’re meant to be. The jungles seem to be the prettiest.