Drawing Guild Wars #001 : Norn Initiate

Drawing is a bit of a process for me. I have no set style for some reason. I used to do comissions for in-game gold. That worked out pretty well but in the end I realized I could just farm Zkeys and make money way faster.

Anyway, I’ve been back and forth with the drawing bit. It’s hard to get inspired sometimes, since I’m a designer by profession and it sucks the creative juice out of me.
I generally do fanart one of two ways. Style a) I sketch in a light colored pencil, ink over with pens, scan, photoshop out the sketch, and digitally color. 2nd way is sketching and then doing the lines and colors all digitally.

I’ve been working on a teenaged norn drawing for months now. I thought I’d show the progress.

It starts with a basic pencil sketch. Usually goes through a few changes.  I decided she looked a little too much like Jora, so when I went in to add detail I fixed her hair to make her look a little different.

Once scanned, I usually zoom in and take a look at proportions and such. I noticed that her legs were too short and her hands were really retarded looking so I went ahead and sketched over digitally to try to fix things. After that I line it with the brush tool (or in some cases I’ll use the pen-tool for areas that are long and one solid line, like her legs).

The next step is to start coloring. Each color has it’s own layer. I use the wand tool to select an area and the fill tool to lazily cover my selection in one go. Then I go back and fill in corners that sometimes get missed.

So this is where I’m at right now. I’d consider this 30-40% done at the moment. Gotta finish coloring, then I have to go in and line / color the wolf, and THEN figure out a background.

It really does take me months to do one piece of artwork!

Maybe posting this will help push me to draw some more.

  • Looks nice – I particularly like that K-9 from Dr Who makes a cameo in one of the early sketches!

    I’ve never been a good artist, but I’ve always marvelled at the work people do over at the Nolani Academy.

    • Izari

      Haha, thanks. yeah, drawing animals is my weak point, it’s gonna take me a while to do that.

      Those people on the forums, though, are ridciulously amazing.
      If you’re into art you should check out conceptart.org

      A lot of the artists from Anet and other game companies pool their sketches there and often release stuff that never made it to final / artbooks.