Codename: Copernicus / 2010: Year of the MMO Overload

Good friend and warlord of the horde, Lizzie, brought to my attention another in-development game that’s due to come out next year. Although there’s been very little information on it other than released concept art from last August, I thought it’d be worth while to give it a mention since we SHOULD be hearing something soon assuming the 2010 release date is true.

It’s being developed by 38 studios, lovechild brainchild of Red Sox pitcher and advid gamer Curt Shilling.

It’s widely speculated that the game will in fact be an MMO, adding it to a major list of games in this genre to be coming out next year. Daring, considering the competition: WoW:Cataclysm, Guild Wars 2, FFXIV, and Starcraft 2 come to mind.

More screens and information on the game and studio available here.