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PAX Day 1

Alright, so the day is finally winding down here in WA. Day one was pretty nuts! On the Guild Wars front, there was a lot going on. The lines to test out the game were nuts: I was standing for almost 2 hours before I decided I had to go. […]

Pax Prime 2010 Preview

As a lot of you know, I’ll be heading to PAX-Prime this week over in Seattle. I’m ridiculously excited about going, and mostly because I get to try out the Guild Wars 2 demo! Jess and I will be heading over representing GuildMag and our podcast. It’s going to be […]

PAX East: The Journey Begins

5:19 PM On the bus with Kaae, Lizzie, and Gina. Somewhere in Connecticut, I think. Bolt Bus is filled with PAX people, pretty hilarious. POKEMON PUB CRAWL TONIGHT. 1:24 PMGetting ready to leave work. Meeting up with the roomies at Penn station for some foods, exploration, and boarding.It’ll be twitter […]