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Four Reasons Why I Won’t Boycott PAX

Why this geek won’t Boycott PAX 2013 wasn’t a particularly good year for Penny Arcade, Inc’s image. After a relatively peaceful  PAX-East and flagship PAX-Aus, there was another Dickwolves flair up that got sparked again at PAX Prime, and the

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Why Blackface in Cosplay and Costume Appropriation Sucks

So I stumbled upon a post on Tumblr that garnered a lot of negative attention recently in regards to blackface in cosplay, and it (understandably) sparked quite the argument. Also, halloween is coming and so the controversial “we are a

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HBO’s “Girls” Review – How one girl made her Mary Sue fic into an award-winning series.


HBO Girls Review Living the dream, one mistake at a time. And never actually facing the consequences of those mistakes, because entitlement. Oh, Girls. This is definitely one of those shows that you either love or hate – there’s little

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Penny Arcade Dickwolves Controversy – It’s not the dickwolves comic that’s the problem, it’s the subculture that got legitimized.

Penny Arcade Dickwolves Controversy I’ll start by saying this – like many, many gamers, PA fans, and PAX regulars, I am more than desiring of this whole dickwolves fiasco to die down and go away. Many people have been hurt

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Well, this is a unexpected brewing war. While browsing the League of Legends subreddit, I noticed that there’s a new sub–sub reddit for gaymers who play LoL. I found this extremely interesting, since the LoL community isn’t known for being

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Is the Assassin’s Creed film already starting out on the wrong foot with white-washing?


It was brought to my attention recently that there’s an Assassin’s Creed movie in the works, which got me a little more excited than I expected. The honest truth is I’ve played maybe two hours of the entire series (which

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SOPA / PIPA, Fandoms, and the Entertainment Industry


I managed to spend about an hour at the NY/NJ Tech Group emergency meetup / protest yesterday. Listening to the very influential speakers and just the general chatter really got me thinking about what SOPA/PIPA means to me. I’ve never

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September 11th, 10 years later. It still hurts.

It’s strange how 10 years can change things. Despite the impact 9/11 had on me and my family and the sad losses we faced, I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t feel like a bad, distant dream these days.

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What Makes Us Human: Will AI ever fully replace the human mind?


The subject on what puts us on a different level from the countless other living things around us has been something humankind has debated for ages. We know we’re different. We know we’re special. But why? What is it that

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On Females and Gaming Stigmas

So I was browsing around the interwebs, and came across one of about 3000 articles tackling the subject of women in gaming, and how we are perceived as a consumers. It actually didn’t make me want to kill myself: This

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