Best. Fight. Evar. Running RA. True Story

Today i had the best fight ever in Random Areanas with my PVP ranger.

I had gone through about six or seven games where my group lost miserably. This put a huge damper on my good mood (I also beat the game on my monk today, so I was feeling pretty invincible.) To make sure it wasn’t me, one particular game I played ended in a measly minute and a half. My entire team died, and 2 of 3 left. So I did what I do best with a R/A build.

I ran.

I ran and ran in circles around the other team.

For 13 minutes straight. Their mesmer left, their tank was stuck, and all that was left were two monks who were determined to put me down.

Boredom and taunting from their side lead me to finally take one of them on. “Cmon, 1vs1.” Me vs a monk. I hated the idea cause really, all I had was traps, pin down, and running skills plust my self-heal. If i had poison, he would’ve been done for. BUt alas, no good.

Started out fine. He ran into my trap, i pinned him down, and kept power shotting him. THen the other monk joined. For a split second, I got worried that I might actually lose, but their damage was doing absolutely nothing to me. I never got below 60% health. And if I had poison, I might’ve gotten at least one of them down.

This goes on for five minutes. THey taunt me, as per usual. “C’mon, you can’t take down two little casters!”

I love how they suddenly called themselves casters. Besides the fact that their little wands were doing like 7 dmg per hit, they kept healing each other and themselves. This would go on for another 13 minutes but I was pretty much done. It was clear they weren’t backing down, and I was bored. They had finally told me that I was good, so I ran over to the tank who had been glitched in one spot the whole time and let him have his way with me.

That was the end of that.