ArenaNet Delivers on Heart of Thorns Hype at PaxEast

Guild-Wars-2-Heart-Of-Thorns-Pax-East-2015-17It’s been awhile since ArenaNet has pulled this much punch at PaxEast – and what a comeback! I was absolutely delighted to have taken even a small part in the celebration of Guild Wars 2’s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, which was announced recently at this winter’s PaxSouth. Arenanet delivered on promises to have pieces of the expansion available to play in the expo hall (in grand fashion, I might add) as well as sign-ups for the upcoming closed beta.

Since I was only able to attend Pax for one day this year, I unfortunately was not able to get a chance to play or really spend much time watching – I had a lot of ground to cover in a short time. However, I DID get to attend ArenaNet’s charming fan-party Friday night at the Hard Rock cafe which was chock-full of good food, great company, and even greater prizes (none of which I managed to get my hands on…boo). 

It was a total blast greeting familiar faces, some of which I had not seen in years! I also had an opportunity to spend time with some twitter folk and fellow guildies who I’d not met in person (NSP, REPRESENT!)

ArenaNet’s Heart of Thorns booth took center stage in the expo-hall and was impossible to miss. Their impressive set-up was made to give the feel of walking through an exotic jungle, with a rich green atmosphere and enough plants to offset the thousands of breathing fans.

It was gorgeous, as were the smiling faces of the dev team and fans alike.

The hype is real here, and I can’t wait for my first shot at playing, even if that means waiting ‘til release day.