Another move in the right direction!

So here we are, making our way around the blogosphere once more and settling in on our new home.

I’ve been keeping this blog / journal for over five years at this point. It started with LiveJournal knock-off, GreatestJournal, as some of the older entries still reference post-cuts and the screenshots break my current layout. Moved to InsaneJournal which was a short-lived venture until it made its home on Blogspot. The blog survived the transition into Blogger and now finds itself re-rooting here on WordPress. Each move has been an interesting experience. Once upon a time I had to literally sit there and copy + paste every post and backdate them. Now I could click “import” and let the software do everything for me. Uncanny! Who knows what sort of madness the next re-location in a few years may bring?

I expect this to be a pretty long-term lease this time around, though. I have no intentions of moving the blog any time soon, unless, of course, WP becomes obsolete and some new crazy technology comes along. More likely I will simply settle into my own domain again. It’s been years and I deeply enjoyed it. That’s the thing about the internet. Gotta keep with the times. Having your own domain never goes out of style!

Anyway, WordPress is treating me well so far. I’m loving having so much more power over the organization of my site. The community is active and easy to cross reference. It’s helped me to plant the seeds for evolving the blog as I’ve been hoping to. No longer just a record of my online shenanigans (although they will still be here!), I plan on covering so much more of what it is to be a geek and a gamer in today’s world.

To everyone who’s been with me since the begining and sticking with me through all the hiatus’, moves, and confusing babble: thank you. And to everyone new who may find a kindred interest here? Welcome~